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Yuan Tze - Voyage to the shore | An invitation to enhance yourself and develop your life Pt.3

Taal: Engels | Jaar: 2010 | Pag: 567 | Afmetingen: 26x18.5cm ? Prijs exclusief verzendkosten

The Voyage to the Shore series aims to help every one of us understand, change, and elevate life. It also teaches us how to provide effective help to other people.

Let this series be your life-long companion on the path to a rich and joyful life.


For those who practice Qigong "Voyage to the Shore" is a goldmine.

It leads to greater understanding of what Qigong is all about and thus to more efficient and more in-depth training. It provides readers opportunities to immerse themselves in and get an understanding of the laws of life and how we can change and improve our lives and thus maintain and improve our health.


Part 3 contains an compilation of questions and answers from the Yuan Tzes lectures at five different retreats between 2007 to 2011. It is easy to read and provides a good overview of Yuan tze’s teaching. ​We recommend that you start with part three to gain a basic understanding of Ren Xue. 

Voyage to the shore 3 (boek) master Yuan Tze

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